It’s a comedy about nuns... and Catholic School... and altar boys -- and priests -- and what it’s like to be a kid going to school every day. It’s a true story sprinkled with hyperbole and a dash of author’s license. It’s a truly funny biographical narrative -- available now at

“I DON’T BRAKE FOR NUNS!” a 314-page book by Rick Phillips is a hilarious narrative of Catholic School in the 1960s as seen through the eyes of a kid stuck right smack in the middle of a nun-run educational system. This book has the potential to capture the funny bone of readers throughout the country, making this a bestseller and brand ...

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Basically, there are TWO types of people in this world: those who went to Catholic School, and those who are glad they didn’t.

“I DON’T BRAKE FOR NUNS!” will bring tears of laughter to anyone who can empathize with children trying to survive the tyranny of nuns.

While witty and marvelously perspicuous throughout, the book is also poignant, and impels readers to be introspective, too. The reader is allowed inside the mind of a kid as he grows through the grades, observing teachers’ behavior and the impact their actions have on sensitive and impressionable children. Never does the book progress even a single page without portraying the hilarity of it all.

This book is the culmination of decades’ worth of reflection and thought. It has the merit to become a widely read and talked about book. Soon, nuns will be the hot subject on talk shows. People all over the country will be reminiscing about their own nun encounters. The nun is about to become America’s new icon.

“My aspiration is to launch this book to the highest level. I can be an effective marketer of the book, too, using my considerable marketing expertise.”
-- Rick Phillips

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"The nuns didn’t tolerate absenteeism. If the Sisterhood thought you were playing hooky, they sent a posse out to find you. And when you’re found, you better not be chewing gum!"