~ A comedy classic book on Catholic School, Catholics, nuns and priests, and kids' struggle in a strict, nuns style classroom. ~
The potential readership/market for this book is wide and vast. All former parochial school "inmates" as well as everyone who has experienced the dictatorship of a grade school classroom can enjoy this laughable look back. Even those former grade schoolers who have never experienced the gulag-like grandeur of Catholic School in the 1960s can imagine the trip back to those bondage years when their whole day was ruled by the sound of bells, fire drills and classroom despots demanding your every moment's attention.

A hilarious comedy about children enduring Catholic School in the 1960s -


Quite simply, there are two types of people in this world: those who went to Catholic School, and those who are glad they didn’t.

“I DON’T BRAKE FOR NUNS!” is a hilarious narrative of Catholic School in the 1960s as seen through the eyes of a kid stuck right smack in the middle of a nun-run educational system.

There are millions and millions of Americans who have been raised and educated through Catholic school. For every kid who ever felt the snap of a nun’s ruler or the sneaky, crisp slap of a shrouded sister, this book is a comeuppance.
"Nuns were known to carry their yardsticks like an M-16 rifle, ready to beat a tattoo on any unsuspecting student."

“I DON’T BRAKE FOR NUNS!” will bring tears of laughter to anyone who can empathize with children trying to survive the fanatic discipline of nuns.

The reader is allowed inside the mind of a kid as he grows through the grades, observing teachers’ behavior and the impact their actions have on him and other sensitive and impressionable children. While witty and marvelously perspicuous throughout, the book is also poignant, and impels readers to be introspective, too. Most notably, the book is funny. Every student -- young or old -- can remember vividly the tyranny of the grade school classroom. Only a refuge of Catholic school, however, can extract so much humor out of such a restrictive and punitive experience.

This book is the culmination of decades’ worth of reflection and thought. It has the merit to become a widely read and talked about book. The nun has always been a vulnerable figure for humor, sarcasm and satire. Somehow, the nuns have escaped the scathing magnifying glass of comedy. Until this book.

The book begins by comically explaining the prison-like reputation of Immaculate Conception school and the ignominious image of its nuns. We laugh at each nun’s personality characteristics, and the conflicts that arise between indentured students and the diabolical Sisters of Loretto.

“I DON’T BRAKE FOR NUNS!” delineates the day-to-day struggles that students encounter under the hyper-scrutiny of the nuns, all while being molded by a Catholic-style education. From the pugilistic prowess of the nuns to the joys of recess, the book reminds its readers how comical it was to be young, innocent and over-disciplined by psychopathic convent-dwellers. The book explores the “Catholic Guilt” treatment, and the anti-social relationships between students and teachers.

“I DON’T BRAKE FOR NUNS!” also describes the student’s point of view of the religion and the hypocrisy, showing that even children are perspicacious enough to understand the complexity of a Catholic-style education. In the end, it’s discovered that some human traits can be attributed to the nuns, afterall. Maybe it was all a facade. Maybe nuns are just like people. Maybe they really are sensitive, caring individuals deep down inside. Maybe they really DO care about kids. . . Nah!

The narrative “I DON’T BRAKE FOR NUNS!” is described as a serious, tongue-in-cheek, precise exaggeration that enables readers to put themselves back at their desk and relive
their own school days. This book appeals to everyone who always wanted to go back to those days of yesteryear with an adult mind, and alter the course of classroom history.

The nuns taught by the axiom, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Well, most of us Catholic school kids made it out alive, and maybe we are stronger because of it. While the story is hysterically funny in retrospect, I don’t remember a lot of us laughing at the time. And that’s what makes “I DON’T BRAKE FOR NUNS!” all the funnier.

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Rick Phillips

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