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Hilarious New Book
"I Don't Brake for Nuns"
by Rick Phillips Released Through Amazon.com

From the pugilistic prowess of the nuns to the joys of recess, this book reminds its readers how comical it was to be young, innocent, and over-disciplined by psychopathic convent dwellers.

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(I-Newswire) May 26, 2010 - Boca Raton, FL - "I Don't BRAKE for Nuns!" is a comical look at Catholic School in the 1960s through the eyes of a kid who likens every day with the tyrannical nuns as walking the proverbial plank. - The new hysterical narrative "I Don't BRAKE for Nuns!" by Rick Phillips is just released and now available on Amazon.com The book is a 314-page comedic recollection of Catholic School in the 1960s from a kid who is stuck right smack in the middle of a nun-run educational system. There are millions of Americans who have been raised and educated through Catholic School. For every kid who ever felt the snap of a nun's ruler or the sneaky, crisp slap of a shrouded sister, this book pays in recompense. "I DON'T BRAKE FOR NUNS!" will bring tears of laughter to anyone who can empathize with children trying to survive the fanatical discipline of nuns. The reader is allowed inside the mind of a kid as he grows through the grades, observing teachers' behavior and the impact their actions have on him and other sensitive and impressionable children. While witty and marvelously perspicuous throughout, the book is also poignant, and impels readers to be introspective, too. Most notably, the book is funny. Every student -- young or old -- can remember vividly the tyranny of the grade school classroom. Only a refuge of Catholic school, however, can extract so much humor out of such a restrictive and punitive experience. For more information on the book, visit www.FunniestBookoftheYear.com or your favorite book provider. # # #

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