A hilarious comedy about children enduring the nuns and Catholic School in the 1960s - by Rick Phillips

Rick Phillips has owned and operated Phillips & Associates www.RickPhillipsPR.com since 1982. The company provides full-service marketing for retirement communities, real estate developments and a variety of other businesses. Phillips is considered an expert in the field of census building and development of innovative marketing strategies for a wide spectrum of businesses.

He has also been an award-winning sportswriter, and a weekly columnist while maintaining his marketing firm.

Rick Phillips

Rick Phillips

Rick Phillips has extensive experience as a public relations expert, conducting PR and publishing for a South Florida city, and being account executive of a large PR firm serving large real estate developments.

He's authored several screenplays, and had been invited by William Morris Agency for representation while attending USC Cinema School.

He's also been an inventor and developer of products for the retail market. Rick's been a lecturer on marketing, and has taught public relations to college students.

Rick Phillips is a unique writer. He understands the craft of comedy writing, and he's capable of marketing a book by implementing a plethora of methodologies.

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